Many light and lampshades on the market are packaged in cellophane and how beautiful they look. 

Since day one, however,  Margo has worked against this - our current phase of packaging when purchases are made through stockists or markets, fairs and festivals is the Margo reusable calico drawstring bag. Every Margo Popped In… lamp or light shade will arrive in at least one of these bags. It is a protection against scuffs and dust during transportation - and we hope you may find further use of it in your daily lives as laundry bags or even recycling bags! 

For online orders these are carefully packaged in double walled brown cardboard cartons which are made from 75% recycled material, are 100% recyclable and degradable. We are also in contact with our frame suppliers in discussions on minimal packaging during transportation of those materials to us. These are going very well and all parties are in agreement. 

We do use European suppliers for vintage fabrics  because we want to bring variety to our customers and we love Europe - and though this isn’t ideal for our carbon footprint, most fabrics are UK sourced. 

Currently our Margo shades are in a drum form - in order for us to create this form we have to use, alas, a plastic laminate (this provides safety with its fireproofing qualities). We are concerned about this and we are looking at ways to offer customers alternatives - so be assured - it will happen. We shall be adapting styles to go with this.  Until we can guarantee that all of us are using LED lightbulbs, our priority is to YOU.

SO…just a little insight into our work ethos…

All best, Margo & Team xx

A story...
My parents had property in Cornwall in the 1970’s that, following our return to live permanently in the UK from the Middle East later that decade, resulted in us becoming Cornwall home owners. We moved about, quite nomadic we were, but we tended to be coastal - dog walking on the beach on the way to pick up the morning paper and enjoying ‘a secret’ with my sister (ha ha…hey, a bar of chocolate!…but it was our secret!). Our eyes were not only drawn outwards to the movement of the ever changing blues and greens of the sea but also to the tread of foot upon sand and shingle below us. Many times we would hunt for the most unusual forms to be found in a gnarly and tidal-beaten driftwood; our mother would find so many ‘faces’…we would just smile and nod, unaware a lot of the time, in being able to recognise what she could. We would be greatly excited by sea glass - jewels - back then there would be a lot of rich blues and browns. Each visit a few would be pocketed and taken home. An empty dimple whiskey glass bottle and a tube of adhesive later…Mother would have made a beautiful lamp base…to then follow with a raffia shade. Clearly shades are in our blood.

Back then, if there was plastic on the beach, Mother would pick it up. My great Aunt Maisie also. It was ugly. Our surroundings were important to them. My other sister campaigned greatly for the whales and seals and for their protection. For decades a minority of the world’s population were, as a good friend of mine quoted in a message to myself, ahead of the curve. Jump forward to 2018 and anti-plastic is the current trend.  And is it just a trend?  We hope not.
Mandy Beall
Creative Director




Liskeard PL14, UK